Mrs. Esther Markel, Vice Principal

In 1979, Mrs. Esther Markel began her employment at Emek Hebrew Academy Teichman Family Torah Center and served as director of its Early Childhood Center for five years. After a short hiatus when she took time off to attend to her five small children, she returned to Emek to teach in its elementary school until 2003, and over the years has taught every grade from kindergarten through eighth grade.


In 1996, the Milken Foundation recognized Mrs. Markel for her outstanding achievements in the field of education by awarding her with the prestigious Jewish Educators Award. After serving in the Conejo Jewish Day School for over a decade, most recently as its principal, Mrs. Markel has returned to Emek to share her passion for education with our students. As vice principal, Mrs. Markel is committed to forging strong relationships with the students, inspiring each of them to embrace their education with a positive and enthusiastic mindset. “These middle-school students are just beginning to discover their interests, strengths and passions. I enjoy guiding them on their way to building their identity as adults”, Mrs. Markel remarked. All of Mrs. Markel’s children attended Emek and she now is reaping the harvest- the nachasof ten beautiful grandchildren.

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