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Calendar Day Sponsorships

Emek is proud to introduce a new addition to our school this year, the Emek Calendar. This calendar will be replacing our ad book from previous years and will serve as a resourceful tool for your home or office. It allows you the opportunity to sponsor days in honor of your child's birthday, your anniversary or even to commemorate the passing of a loved one. Each day sells for $18. Please make your payment of $18 per day based on the number of days you would like to purchase and then email [email protected] to specify which days you are interested in along with what that day commemorates. The Emek Calendar will be distributed to over 5,000 homes. (Please note that the school will be accepting up to 3 sponsorships for any given day.)

All Calendar Day Sponsorships must be submitted to [email protected] by July 31st. 




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