Emek Hebrew Academy Teichman Family Torah Center is dedicated to offering an academically challenging and strong Orthodox education for Jewish children in the community by providing them with a comprehensive, well-balanced curriculum in both Torah and general studies.

Our atmosphere is a serious but warm one, conducive to learning and to success, and our primary goal is to empower our students with Jewish values so that they will go out into the world with an unwavering devotion to halacha, Jewish Law.

At Emek it is our hope that teachers, parents, and students will join our rabbis in a commitment to lifelong learning. To that end we provide a solid foundation in both Torah and general studies, guaranteeing an environment that is rich in Torah and Talmudic law study and that is grounded in community service and proper midot, behavior. Upon graduating students will be equipped with the critical thinking skills needed to succeed at the most rigorous Yeshiva high schools or at other institutions of higher learning. They will also leave our doors knowing that more important than the content they have learned is the values they have internalized. We therefore emphasis tzniut, modesty, and kavod, respect, as being of utmost importance, and we stress a love for our people, for G-d, for Torah, for mankind, for the land Israel, and for the state of Israel: ahavat Yisrael, ahavat Hashem, ahavat Torah, ahavat habriyot, ahavat eretz Yisrael, and ahavat medinat Yisrael respectively.

Finally, it is our vision that our community—staff, students, and parents—be devoted to studying, to achieving excellence, and to demonstrating a spirit of cooperation and friendship.