The Emek Executive Administrative Staff, a committed and energetic group of dynamic educators, are committed to each child’s development.  They work together as a team to provide the backbone of the Emek educational platform.  Guiding the faculty and staff, Rabbi Shifman and his team, Mrs. Bernice Zachariash, Principal Rabbi Levi Solomon and General Studies Principal, Mrs. Michelle Andron, Vice-Principal, Rabbi Moshe Tropper and Mrs. Sandra R'bibo, Executive Director, work diligently every day to help map out a plan for success, child by child, balancing all aspects of development through a holistic approach.  This group has been instrumental in the implementation and maximization of the “Cap-it Reading Program,” Balanced Literacy, 21st Century Learning, CIJE  and Project Kavod curriculum components.  These cutting edge educational tools are impacting the entire Emek Community as they raise the bar for our students and for Jewish schools across the country.