Maya Saadi


Maya Saadi grew up In Israel, served in the IDF, and worked for El-Al Israel airlines. Maya studied Middle Eastern studies and Arabic language at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She moved to Los Angeles and continued her education at AJU in Jewish education. Maya has taught at Temple Israel of Hollywood as a Judaic and Hebrew teacher, and Yavneh Hebrew Academy as an Ivrit teacher for 11 years. Maya currently teaches Judaic Studies to the 5th grade girls. Maya feels fortunate to work with children and to instill a love for Torah and Israel in the hearts of children and hopes to be able to inspire them to live a Torah life. 

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Rabbi Moshe Steinman

I grew up in a small nondescript town - Mount Kisco, New York.  At the age of eleven my family moved to California to escape the harsh winters; I left home at 15 to attend Yeshiva in Toronto, Canada - right back into the harsh winters...

My favorite pastime is reading Jewish literature; my preferred genre is talmudic mysteries: my go-to authors are Ravina and Rav Ashi.  
I have worked in many schools throughout the U.S. and Canada - Emek is unequivocally the best school in which I have taught: Emek's devotion to meeting the broad needs of its student body is unequalled! GO EAGLES!!!

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Michelle Andron- Math


Michelle Andron is our Elementary School General Education Principal. The three words that best describe Michelle as an educator are passionate, committed, and innovative. She currently hold a Master’s Degree in Special Education with a specialization in Gifted Education and Technology Integration, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. She began her educational career at Sinai Akiba Academy in Los Angeles, and stayed there for 12 years. In addition to teaching grades two through five, she became a teacher mentor/coach, and gifted coordinator. She has conducted workshops and coached teachers in schools all over Los Angeles and Miami in the areas of differentiated instruction, gifted education and curriculum development. Eight years ago, she began working at Emek as curriculum coordinator and differentiated instruction specialist. In addition to being an educator, she feels fortunate to have a wonderful husband and four children who inspire her on a daily basis. 

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Briana Blum 

I was born and raised in beautiful Westchester, New York. My educational background includes a BA in Journalism from the University of Rhode Island, and an MA in Multiple Subject Teaching, along with certification in Gifted Education from the University of Southern California. I have six years of teaching experience and over 12 years of working individually with children, catering to their unique learning needs. I am a passionate educator committed to engaging students in meaningful educational experiences that spark curiosity, critical thinking, and a lifelong love for learning. I am so excited to now be a part of the amazing Emek community!

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Ariella Gurstein

Ariella Gurstein is a passionate educator who has found her calling at Emek Hebrew Academy, where she now teaches fifth-grade girls' general studies. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she earned her California state teaching credential from DeLeT and is entering her fourth year at Emek. With deep roots in the school, having been a student there herself, Ariella's first impression of working at Emek was one of immediate belonging: "From the moment I stepped back into Emek as a teacher, I knew I was exactly where I was meant to be. The sense of community, the unwavering support from my colleagues, and the incredible students make each day a joy." She is dedicated to shaping young minds and feels privileged to have discovered her passion in teaching while working at such an amazing school.

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