Dear Families,

Emek is fortunate to have wonderful teachers, parents, students, and staff all working together to create an outstanding learning environment for our children. This combined effort is why we are able to provide an excellent education in both Torah and Secular studies.  

What makes the difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary school year?  It is the coordinated efforts of an outstanding faculty and staff, working closely with dedicated, involved parents.   Emek has always been blessed by both. Your involvement in and support of the PTA may prove to be one of the best investments you can make in your child’s education. In addition to helping to fulfill the ordinary, yet vital day-to-day needs of our school, the Emek PTA also specializes in helping to fund, develop, and support many of the extra-ordinary programs and activities that make Emek a truly exceptional educational experience.
The PTA funds scholarships, classroom supplies, play equipment, and a vast number of improvements. We recently purchased a piano, enriched the Art Program, built a new kitchen, and contributed to the new Library multi-media center. 
Emek is a place where our children are taught to the highest standards, protected with care, and loved like they are family. We look forward to meeting and working with all of you, and encourage you and your extended families to become active members of your school’s PTA.  You do not need to “join” the PTA.  You are already a PTA member just by being a parent at the school.  All you need to do is get INVOLVED! 

We wish you all the best and welcome all ideas.

Feel free to contact us at (818) 783-3663 x5050 or [email protected]