Emek incorporates technology for meaningful classroom use by integrating curriculum across subject areas.  Technology integration improves students’ communication skills, enhances critical thinking skills, allows students to create proficient and effective projects, and teaches life skills critical to success.   The Educational Technology Coordinator, Natalina Parker, collaborates with teachers to ensure that a variety of technologies and integration tools are applied to enhance students’ learning experiences.  Emek’s goal is to teach and encourage students to design and produce projects through the use of technology and prepare each of our graduates with twenty-first century skills.


Elementary students create Keynote, Prezi, and PowerPoint presentations, as a creative way to submit book reports, share the weeks Parsha, or to present a chapter of Navi.  Teachers use the technology projects as a means of assessment in lieu of a traditional assessment.  In addition, elementary classes use the Voicethread and iMovie app to create and share weekly digital newsletters, act out a skit from an insert of a book, and even transform into a mad scientist that can publish his results on-line.  Middle school classes incorporate an online classroom, Edmodo, which cultivates a learning community and brings students together allowing collaboration both inside and outside of school.   These students also actively engage in interactive websites such as:  Google Lit Trips, Google Virtual Field Trips and Google Earth, all which allow our students to visit amazing places, learn about geography, history and so much morewithout even leaving the classroom!  Emek eighth graders use PhotoShop, Picaso and Photovisi to create, publish and market the school’s yearbook.  In each of our elementary and middle school technology elective courses, students incorporate: Scratch, Codeacademy, and Gamesalad to teach coding, iMovie and Windows Movie Maker for movie making, and ToonCamera, ComicLife, and Kindle Comic Creator to produce and publish “Kosher Comics for Kids” that are later available for purchase on Amazon.  Emek adopted Common Sense Media’s digital citizenship curriculum to provide each student (and parent) with the knowledge of Internet safety, how to protect your privacy and digital footprint, as well as an understanding of on-line netiquette and cyberbullying.  Throughout the courses of study, students will obtain knowledge required to become digital citizens.


Emek’s technology education program is supported by PC computers and laptops using the Windows 7 operating system.  Each of the two computer labs house 25 computers per lab, laptops and classroom PC’s are dispersed throughout the school. Emek’s iPads are loaded with top educational apps ensuring the students are using apps as a tool to branch the curriculum being taught in subject areas.  SMART boards are equipped with smart technology software that distributes dynamic lessons in both Judaic and secular subjects.  The building has updated its Wi-Fi system for remote Internet access that is equipped with a content filtering and Sonicawall to ensure students’ safety while online.