Dear Parents,

We are grateful for the way in which you partnered with us to help each child learn and grow during this productive school year. While we all know that summer is a time to relax and unwind, we also need to make sure that our students spend some time reviewing and working on the skills they have learned this past year. We have asked our staff to put together summer study packets or assignments in both Torah and general studies. These packets are designed to be completed sporadically over the course of the summer.

General studies 4th-8th grade - summer assignments are mandatory.

Torah studies 6th-8th grade - some assignments are mandatory and others voluntary. More information can be found in the instructional letter.

Here are the instructions to access the summer review

Torah and General Studies Middle School Summer Study information:

Middle school: Instructions for the 6th-8th grade summer assignments are laid out in this detailed letter.

Torah and General Studies Elementary School Summer Study Information:

Elementary school: All Summer review packets are posted and links shared below.

Each teacher has made suggestions for summer work in order to reinforce the skills that were focused on during the school year. In addition, the teachers made specific, individualized recommendations on the report cards. It is important to spend time reviewing these skills over the summer in order to make sure that the students are prepared for the upcoming school year.

The 4th thru 8th grade math assignments will be graded and counted as the first test of the year. The reading assignments will be linked to class projects the first week of school.

In addition to the individual recommendations made by the teachers, there are three suggestions I’d like to offer:

  • RAZ Kids/Headsprout - this is the online supplementary reading program we have been using at school. Your children should know how to login on their own. It is a wonderful, interactive program that will keep your children’s reading skills fresh.
  • A website that provides math instruction and practice through game. Whether your children need a little extra practice on key skills like multiplication, or need to be challenged with advanced content, Prodigy will keep your children learning at a pace that's right for them through games.
  •   Targeted Practice Based on MAP Testing Results

The following link: contains a document that correlates MAP® sub-goals and RIT ranges to Khan Academy® exercises. The Khan exercises are interactive problems for students with instant feedback. Feel free to download the document for the appropriate grade range. NWEA plans to work with Khan Academy to update these links twice a year as new exercises are developed. Use the RIT ranges found on your MAP scoring sheet to determine which exercises your child should work on.

If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Andron at [email protected].


Wishing everyone a wonderful summer!


Rabbi Solomon, Mrs. Andron, and Rabbi Tropper


Incoming Pre-1st General Studies 


Incoming 1st Grade General Studies


Incoming 1st Grade Torah Studies 


Incoming 2nd Grade General Studies  


Incoming 2nd Grade Torah Studies Workbook Review 


Incoming 2nd Grade Torah Studies Reading Review 


Incoming 2B Grade Torah Studies Workbook Review


Incoming 2B Grade Torah Studies Reading Review


Incoming 3rd Grade General Studies


Incoming 3G Torah Studies 


Incoming 3G Chumash Sheet 


Incoming 3G Kriah


Incoming 3B Kriah 


Incoming 3B Torah Studies 


Incoming 4th Grade General Studies 


Incoming 4G Grade Torah Studies Yediot Klaliot 


Incoming 4G Grade Torah Studies Chumash Review Summer Packet 


Incoming 4th Grade Torah Studies Kriah Skills 


Incoming 4B Torah Studies Chumash and YK Summer Packet

Incoming 5th Grade Math


Incoming 5th Grade ELA


Incoming 5th Grade (boys and girls) Torah Studies



Elementary School: Download and learn the weekly Torah portions from these helpful links:

The summer parshiyos are:


Chukas -  Balak