Events & Fundraisers

The 16th Annual Golf Tournament

Our golf tournament, which takes place at Mountaingate Country Club, is one of our largest fundraisers of the year. We host over 100 golfers for an incredible day of golf on the greens and then welcome additional guests for a succulent steak dinner. Although all of our guests have a wonderful day of fun, this is a tremendous opportunity for social networking.

This year’s Golf Tournament is set for May 10, 2021.



Trustee Dinner

Our Trustee Dinner is set to take place in February. This tremendously elegant event is our main fundraiser of the year. Our past honorees have included many of our founders, to whom we are forever grateful: Mr. and Mrs. Larry Mellon, Mr. David Weisman, Mr. Milton Glaser, Mr. Alex Pollak, Mrs. Arlette Penn, Mrs. Sonia Loffman, OB"M. Their legacy will live in our hearts through our students forever. 

To find out more about any of our events or for sponsorship opportunities, contact Sandra R'bibo at 




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