EmekBERNICE.jpgBernice Zachariash has been fortunate to fulfill her dreams and passion working in Early Childhood education. Prior to joining Emek’s Early Childhood Department, she worked as a teacher at Adat Ariel in Valley Village and Sinai Akiba Academy in West Los Angeles.  She joined the staff of Emek working as a teacher for many years before becoming the current director. 

Bernice received her AA degree in Early Childhood from Valley College and pursued her BA degree in Early Childhood from CSUN, while working, being a wife, and mother to three daughters.

Bernice believes that each child is an individual and that each child’s growth and development is different. They should be educated with dignity and respect for their individual needs. She believes that children learn best when they are engaged and involved, nurtured, encouraged to make discoveries and decisions, and learn to take risks.  The classroom is the community in which they learn to respect other’s thoughts, ideas and feelings and where they develop self-esteem in a warm and positive environment.  

She is passionate about imbuing young children with their Jewish identity. She works together with families and community to further build a child’s love of Judaism.

To contact Mrs. Bernice Zachariash, email [email protected].