Tova Union- 7/8th Grade Girls- Student Council Advisor 


Morah Tova Union was born in NY and after graduating 8th grade, she made Aliyah to Eretz Yisrael with her family.  She studied at Michlalah  in the fields of  biological sciences, education and Judaic studies. This strong education provided a  foundation  for her to pursue a lifelong career of teaching and mentoring. After she married, Tova taught in Israel and later in South Africa. In Cape Town, Tova founded Jewish Marriage Education for new brides and counsellors; this organization would eventually spread knowledge to hundreds of young women in South Africa and later in Los Angeles.

After six years in South Africa, the Unions relocated to Los Angeles. Almost immediately Tova joined the staff of Hillel Hebrew Academy, where she taught and mentored the middle school girls for twenty three years. She joined Emek six years ago as our Middle School girls Mechanechet  and has been spreading “school spirit” ever since with her incredible extra - curricular programs: Chessed program, Bat Mitzva program, team building STUCO activities and trips, holiday centered Ruach events and Chai Lifeline kids-driven tzedakka campaign. She serves as our student advisor and has an “open door” policy with all of our girls offering guidance and emotional support whenever they need it.

To contact Tova Union, email [email protected]