Ivrit- Hebrew Language

Tova Malik


Tova Malik attended McGill University in Montreal, Canada and Hebrew Teachers' Seminary in Montreal. In addition, she attended Bar Ilan University as part of a student exchange program. Morah Malik began her teaching career as an Ivrit teacher in Montreal. She then moved to Israel and taught English for 6 years. She then moved to Los Angeles and started her career at Emek as a substitute teacher and then as a full-time Ivrit teacher over 20 years ago. She has been here ever since!

To contact Tova Malik, email tmalik@emek.org.




Limor Zohar


Limor Zohar was born and raised in the suburbs of Israel where she began her studies at the "Bet Berl" Teachers' Seminary. Later, she completed her degree at York University. For over 25 years, both in Israel and Los Angeles, Limor has incorporated her multicultural skills and love for her native land into a fun and unique teaching environment. She is excited and honored to be part of the Emek community and family. 

To contact Limor Zohar, email lzohar@emek.org.







Libi Digadker 

To contact Libi Digadker, email ldigadker@emek.org.



Miriam Eglanov

To contact Miriam Eglanov, email meglanov@emek.org. 











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