Stephie Bregman 

Stephie Bregman has been working in the field of education for the past 40 years and has an M.S. in Elementary Education and an Elementary Lifetime Teaching Credential. She is beginning her 34th year at Emek where she taught elementary students for many years and now heads the Resource Dept. Her 4 children attended Emek and now 3 of her grandchildren are here as well. Her favorite thing to do is to go to New York and Toronto with her husband to visit their 4 other grandkids!

To contact Stephie Bregman, email [email protected].


Debbie Ehrblich 

Debbie Erblich was born and raised in Los Angeles and graduated from Hillel Hebrew Academy.  Debbie attended Hunter college in NYC, where she graduated with a BA in both Psychology and Communications. Debbie first worked at The HELP Group as the Vocational Coordinator with kids from diverse backgrounds and having different abilities and needs including those with learning challenges, on the autistic spectrum and students with emotional and behavioral challenges.  Debbie went on to complete her CA Teacher Credential in the areas of Mild to Moderate at CSUN and later earned her Clear Education Specialist Credential. While teaching, Debbie met her dynamic husband and has 2 fun and amazing children that she is very proud of. After over 20 years of classroom instruction, Debbie has joined the EMEK team as the MS Resource Coordinator, working with students, families and service providers to assist in navigating and cultivating a successful middle school experience. 

“ The first week of school rolled by with such enthusiasm-so great to be a part of it all!”

To contact Debbie Ehrblich, email [email protected]

Malka Riss 

Malka Riss has been teaching at Emek for well over 30 years. Born in New York, she received a Masters Degree from City College of New York as well as her Judaic Studies Teacher Certification from Teachers Institute, a division of Stern College. She is the mother and grandmother to Emek students and considers Emek to be her second home. After serving as a classroom teacher for many years, Malka now works as a Resource Specialist and  a Learning Lab teacher. She enjoys working with small groups and encouraging those students in need of extra support.

To contact Malka Riss, email [email protected]


Seema Gersten

Meet Seema Gersten, Literacy Intervention Specialist and Leader of The Learning Lab. Mrs. G. as she is affectionately known is an award-winning educator with over 25 years of classroom experience. She is a dynamic mentor and is proud to share that she is working with BetterLesson helping to coach teachers internationally. Mrs. G. is also a Facilitator with BetterLesson and spent part of her summer in Fort Collins Colorado helping to launch a new reading curriculum for the Colorado Unified School District. With a knack for delivering high-energy presentations that are not only motivating but also highly interactive, Seema has become a sought-after figure in the world of education.

Mrs. Gersten is a mentor with an unwavering passion for helping fellow educators strengthen and elevate their teaching to new heights. Her guidance and support have been instrumental in shaping countless teaching careers. Mrs. G. 's journey through life has been nothing short of fascinating, marked by her burning desire to make a positive impact. From her extensive training as an Orton Gillingham literacy interventionist to her commitment to fostering safe and inclusive learning environments for all her students her heart has always been dedicated to creating spaces where every learner can thrive.

Equity and inclusion are not just buzzwords for Mrs. Gersten, they are guiding principles. She firmly believes that creating a community that embraces these values is of paramount importance. In her own words, “I believe that every student deserves equitable access to excellent education. Together we can bridge gaps, break down barriers and create a brighter future for all. Let’s celebrate the joy of learning, let’s work hand in hand to create a world where every child’s potential is realized.”

When Mrs. G. isn’t captivating audiences with her teaching prowess or empowering educators to excel, you’ll find her indulging in her other passions. Whether it’s engaging in a spirited game of Mahjong with friends, getting lost in the pages of a good book, working diligently on her latest literary creation or cherishing precious moments with her two beautiful grandchildren BH, Seema's life is a testament to her boundless enthusiasm and personal commitment to helping all learners thrive.

In Mrs. G. we find an educator, speaker, mentor and advocate whose journey is a testament to the transformative power of education and the unwavering belief that every student deserves the opportunity to shine.

To contact Seema Gersten, email [email protected]


Diane Rosenthal


Diane Rosenthal comes to us with a wealth of experience, a passion for education, and a proven track record of inspiring and guiding young minds. She steps into the role of Leap Lab Coordinator, bringing a fresh perspective, innovative ideas, and an unwavering dedication to ensuring that our high achieving students are challenged and empowered to reach new heights. She fosters a dynamic and enriching educational experience that caters to the unique needs of our high achieving learners.

To contact Diane Rosenthal, email [email protected]