Fatima Casas



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The teacher's assistant is Karen Giron. 





Devora Pollak


Devora Pollak was born and raised in Los Angeles and attended Yavneh and Bais Yaakov Los Angeles. She then attended Yavneh's Teacher's College in Cleveland, Ohio. Upon graduation, Mrs. Pollak received her Judaic Studies Teacher Certification and returned home to Los Angeles. She began her teaching career at Emek 28 years ago. She has taught in many different parts of the country, but has returned to Emek, her home, once again. 

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Rabbi Boruch Friedman


Rabbi Boruch Friedman was born and grew up in Minnesota, which makes him part of the "Frozen Chosen." Rabbi Friedman is somewhere in the middle of fourteen siblings. He studied in many different yeshivas, including Buenos Aires, where he began his teaching career in 2001. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and their 6 children. 

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The teacher's assistant is Miriam Eglanov.