Specialist Curriculum

Ettie Lerner- Art


For almost 30 years, Ettie Lerner, an artist and an art educator, who has been active and involved with the art world, is teaching art from kindergarten through 12th grade and exhibiting her own artwork professionally. Following an extensive exposure and experience in the field of graphic design and computer graphics, she has focused her studies and work experience in Studio Art.

She studied Art Education for elementary and middle school at Ha’Midrasha, a prestigious art academy in Israel, where she had the privilege to study under the instruction of some the most important and influential Israeli artists and art educators. While living in the United States, she earned her B.A. in Art, and then continued to graduate school.  She graduated with Honors, with an M.A. in Art from California State University Northridge.

As an Art Specialist at Emek Hebrew Academy, she nurtures and cultivates the unique qualities of each student in order for them to discover their own creative abilities. Through the arts and the use of a wide variety of medium, students learn self-discipline, critical thinking, and decision-making. With this, students develop a strong understanding and appreciation for the arts.

 To contact Ettie Lerner, email elerner@emek.org.



Rachel Seidel- Music


Morah Rachel has been teaching music in some capacity since 1993. She received her B.A. in music from Cal State University, Northridge in 1993 as well as her registration as a music therapist. She has worked for a Mommy and Me music company for 9 years and then started her own company, Groovy Music for Kids. Since then she has been spreading the joy of music to many different Jewish institutions. Rachel has 4 children, all of whom have attended Emek. 

To contact Rachel Seidel, email rseidel@emek.org.





Rae Shagalov- Librarian


Rae Shagalov has a Master's degree in Library Science and B.A. in English. She was also an art major in college and went to high school at the Unschool of New Haven, which was a very fun school that was completely run by the students. That's what gave Mrs. Shagalov the idea to make the library a fun place where students are in charge of what they like to learn, and where they can discover and develop their talents. Mrs. Shagalov is famous for her beautiful handwriting which can be viewed at www.holysparks.org.

To contact Rae Shagalov, email rshagalov@emek.org.




Sheri Delkhah- Educational Technology Coordinator


Sheri holds a B.A in Computer Science and a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology. She has started her carrier as a computer programmer and drifted slowly into education. She spent the past 20 years teaching technology in various schools and improving their technology curriculum. She has trained teachers with use of technology and integration in classrooms, taught programming and robotics to students and prepared students for a robotic competition called ‘Rally in the Valley’ at CSUN. She is married and has 3 children. Sheri is very excited to become a member of the Emek community as the Educational Technology Coordinator and the Yearbook Advisor.

To contact Sheri Delkhah, email to sdelkhah@emek.org 



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